The formation program at Theological College is complemented by the rich community life so central to each seminarian’s experience. The nature of living in community invites the seminarian to grow into a true man of communion and collegiality, which necessarily requires self-sacrifice and openness to others.

Seminarians gather daily for meals in the refectory, where they are often joined by faculty, staff, resident priests, and guests. The student lounge, Basselin Library, computer center, game room, exercise room, visitors’ lounge, and various outdoor gathering spaces also help foster community life. The friendships formed here extend beyond the doors of Theological College, to ministry opportunities, pilgrimages, and cultural outings, and graduates continue to actively support each other in their priestly assignments after being ordained.

Theological College seminarians receive their academic formation at The Catholic University of America. They are a well-incorporated part of the University’s community and participate in student ministry, intramural sports, organizations, and events on campus.