“This journey of being honest with oneself calls for a special care of the inner life by personal prayer, spiritual direction, daily contact with the Word of God, the contemplation of the priestly life in a spirit of faith along with other priests and the Bishop, and all the other means that help to cultivate the virtues of prudence and right judgment. In this ongoing path of discernment, the priest will learn how to interpret and understand his own motivations, his gifts, his needs, and his frailties.”
— Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis (#43)

Theological College participates in the mission and responsibility of the bishops of the Church to provide for the people of God wise and holy priests after the heart of Christ and fulfilled in His work of salvation. In affiliation with The Catholic University of America, Theological College assists seminarians in the task of vocational discernment and in the preparation for priestly life and ministry at the diocesan level, particularly as experienced in the United States.