The three-year Basselin Scholars Program is a competitive full-scholarship program reserved for seminarians who have completed two years of undergraduate studies in philosophy and who demonstrate personal maturity and above-average potential for academic success. In addition to full civil accreditation, the School of Philosophy is an ecclesiastical faculty authorized to confer ecclesiastical degrees.  In the case of Basselin scholars, these degrees would be the Ph.B. and Ph.L., respectively. The academic program requirements are as follows:

Undergraduate (Ph.B. in Philosophy)

In order to complete the undergraduate program in the School of Philosophy at The Catholic University of America, Basselin scholars must complete a minimum of 14 three-credit courses in philosophy and pass the Senior Comprehensive exams. As seminarians, the Basselin scholars must take a minimum of four three-credit courses in Theology. These must be on the 500 level (beginning graduate). Basselin scholars are also required to take three courses in rhetoric. The other courses required for the undergraduate degree include courses in English composition, literature, foreign languages, social sciences, mathematics, and the natural sciences.

Graduate (Ph.L. in Philosophy)

Upon completion of the undergraduate degree, Basselin scholars proceed to a year of graduate study. They take eight graduate courses in philosophy and present a thesis on a topic approved by the philosophy faculty. Students must also pass an oral examination and a language translation exam in French, German, Latin, or Greek.