Today, Theological College continues to thrive as a dynamic house of formation hosting seminarians and student priests from dozens of dioceses across the country. This is great news for the American Church, which is ever more in need of priests who are wise, holy, and pastorally skilled.  As our number of seminarians grows, we are challenged by increasing operating costs and in need of resources that will enable us to enhance and expand our formation program and facilities. A strong, effective formation program is the foundation for seminarians to become diocesan leaders and future great churchmen.

Your response to this invitation for prayerful and financial support is an important contribution not only to Theological College, but to the Church as a whole. It will assist our daily efforts as faculty, staff, and seminarians to respond generously and with open hearts to Christ’s call to live in His service and in His name as we prepare men for priesthood in the Church. We also ask for your spiritual support of the TC community, that the Holy Spirit may continue to guide our work. Please be assured of our prayers for you and the universal Church.


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