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Theological College

Serving the Church and our nation

The National Seminary of The Catholic University of America

With a rich history of over a century of service, Theological College has prepared generations of holy, theologically astute, self-motivated, socially responsible, and compassionate priests to serve the Church.

Formation Relationships

Formation Relationships

The most recent version of Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis calls for the personal and communal accompaniment of each seminarian through the various stages of the formation process. The opportunity for a profound personal and communal accompaniment has been a long-standing hallmark of the formation program at Theological College.

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Dimensions of Formation

Dimensions of Formation

Bishops from around the country attest to Theological College’s commitment to the human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral formation of motivated and deeply communal-minded seminarians after the heart of Jesus who have the necessary tools to face and embrace future ministerial challenges for the Church of today.

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Our Community
The community is made up of seminarians from 22-28 dioceses throughout the United States, as well as student priests returning to TC and Catholic University to complete their S.T.L. or J.C.L. degrees. The array of their geographical locations, pastoral situations, and forms and expressions of the faith offer a distinctive fraternal living and learning experience. As one alumnus said, “TC is a house with many different rooms, and the doors are always open” – a home that encourages the kind of interaction that enables a seminarian to grow in self-knowledge and a heightened awareness of the many cultural backgrounds representing the contemporary Church.
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Why Theological College?

Among its many unique attributes, Theological College offers an unparalleled formation program that allows for the accompaniment of each seminarian in the discernment process, as Pastores Dabo Vobis suggests:

“[T]he life and ministry of the priest must also ‘adapt to every era and circumstance of life.... For our part we must therefore seek to be as open as possible to light from on high from the Holy Spirit, in order to discover the tendencies of contemporary society, recognize the deepest spiritual needs, determine the most important concrete tasks and the pastoral methods to adopt, and thus respond adequately to human expectations.’ (Pope John Paul II, Angelus, Jan. 14, 1990)" (PDV #5)

A House with many different rooms, and the doors are always open

"We prepare priests — men who are self motivated, responsible, disciplined, strongly intellectual, and ready to face the challenges of the 21st century."

The Crossroads

The Crossroads is Theological College’s community magazine which is distributed to alumni, friends, bishops, and vocations directors. Each issue shares news about the seminary and its students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as special events and happenings at TC and Catholic University.